is a professional website dedicated to custom canvas paintings (only for your private custom oil painting, creative personality oil painting gift customization) and focus on providing high-end oil painting customization for the customers.It is a professional online website of personalized custom oil paintings, which the customer pays 100% satisfaction.

We have been engaged in 10 years of oil painting customization and our products are sold to all over the world. The custom oil painting painter has more than 12 years of professional portrait experience.

Pigment we use:
High-quality Marley or Winsor Newton pigment, environmentally friendly oil paint,top-quality pigment color purity, durability and fastness to wash. Make the canvas paintings show better results and extend the life of the oil paintings.

 Oil Painting Pigment

Canvas we use:
A selection of high-quality canvas, linen, oil painting cloth is tight and thick, uniform grain, small gaps in the hair, stable size, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to mold, not easy to embrittle.

Canvas for Oil Painting

Brush we use:
There are round brushes, flat brushes, enamel brushes, and fan brushes. Each type of brush has several different sizes. In the process of painting, it usually takes a small stroke from a large pen to a minimal stroke.

 Oil Painting Brushes


Custom personalized pure hand-painted oil paintings to enhance your taste. Customized canvas oil paintings include portrait, wedding, baby growth, pet,home garden oil painting customization.

You can tell us the idea or give us your photo, the artist will create it for you. Professionally tailored to the oil painting canvas according to individual requirements. Original, modern, classical, craft, decoration, frameless painting and other types of oil paintings are all made by hand.

1. If you have a good idea or if you want to turn a photo into a canvas oil painting, you can follow the steps below to learn about the price of your personalized theme oil painting.

2. We started to paint the canvas for you. Our oil painting artists specialize in different styles and subjects [oil painting portraits, landscape oil paintings, portraits of pets, charcoal sketch paintings, pastel portraits, etc.], and we will select the most suitable artist to paint it according to your situation.

3. Depending on the size of the custom oil painting and the complexity of the composition, the custom painting period is generally about 5-10 days, and the number of fixed paintings will be extended. If your custom oil painting wants to be received at a specific time, please place an order in advance.

4. After we have finished your painting, we will send you a picture of the painting for viewing. If the custom oil painting does not meet your requirements, you can reply directly to the email and it will be modified by the artist at your request. Most of our customers confirm their orders with the first preview email.
We will process your painting feedback as soon as possible. As long as you make specific suggestions and requirements, we will make the appropriate adjustments based on your request. What you want to do is to follow your email and receive a photo of our adjusted art work.

5. We will deliver the custom canvas oil painting to your door through Fedex.

Custom Painting for Family

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